Is Everybody In? Experience the Ultimate Doors Tribute Show...

The American Night, a Doors tribute band from Seattle Washington, recreates the energy, myth and experience of a live Doors concert. At an American Night show, the audience steps back in time to an evening of music, poetic drama, and the unexpected. The show unfolds before the eyes of the audience who imagine they are witnessing a legendary Doors performance. The night feels surreal. 'When will this dream stop?' the audience asks.

Unlike some Doors tribute shows, which focus entirely on the part of Jim Morrison, The American Night is a complete Doors tribute experience. Audiences are captivated by The American Night's attention to detail and realism, using original vintage instruments to tap into the vibe of a live Doors concert. The musicians of the Night share a special bond with the music as lifelong Doors fans.

From the fuzzed out psychedelic sound coined by Doors guitarist Robby Krieger to the jazz inspired rhythms of John Densmore and the bluesy, canivalesque organ playing of Ray Manzarek, The American Night amazingly recreates a live Doors concert which must be seen to be believed. The evening is made complete as the part of the Lizard King, Jim Morrison, is let loose on the stage, tugging and tormenting the audience into frenzy.

All hail The American Night!

The American Night is a touring Doors tribute show, available to entertain at any club, venue, or special event in the United States and beyond.

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